What is it?

Welcome to the Carnegie Newsletter's Homemade Catalogue of Contributors' Work.

There are currently 4,025 individual pieces of written work catalogued, spanning 61 authors across 28 years of the Newsletter's existence, from 1986 to 2014. 

There is also a catalogue of artwork which includes over 1,500 works from over 100 contributors.


For written work, the archive is organized below by author. For artwork, you'll find a few artists listed below, along with a master catalogue in which all the other respective artists can be found. If you notice pieces of work missing in the archive it is either due to the software used to comb through the documents, or good old-fashioned human error. We'd be happy to add your work to the archive if you let us know about it. Also, we apologize in advance if your work wasn't catalogued correctly (e.g. under an incorrect name), or if your work was categorized incorrectly. The labels of poetry, art, and writing should be taken lightly and be used as a rough guide. Please let us know if you'd like something corrected.

Navigating the     catalogue

As you'll see when you open up an author or artist below, the catalogues are first and foremost organized by year. Within each year are columns for Title, Issue Date, Page #, Type of work, and Direct Link respectively. With a click, the Direct Link conveniently brings you directly to the correct issue and page of the digital Newsletter. To save sifting through years that don't contain any work, the year tabs are marked with red if that year contains any work. You can also perform a full text search (CTRL + H), which provides an easy way to quickly find a specific piece of work.

Taking content     for your own use

The Newsletter is home to a wealth of work, and you may very well want to compile some work for yourself or others. Maybe you'd like to make a booklet, or simply keep things for your own records. The entire Newsletter archive is in the public domain and freely available to download below. It is by using this resource that you can take work for your own use. Here's how:

So you've found something you'd like to use. Take note of the issue(s) the work(s) are in, and the page number(s). Now, head over here to the public repository containing (nearly) every Carnegie Newsletter issue in PDF format, all freely available to download. Navigate to the correct year, then correct issue(s), then to the correct page number(s). Hopefully you see the work you're after. Now to copy the text, drag your cursor over the text. It should become highlighted, at which point you can copy it using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C. Then paste it into your word processor of choice. One thing to be aware of: Double check the text you paste because it might contain strange errors. If this occurs it is due to an unavoidable technical hurdle. 

Here's a quick 2 minute video to guide you. Note that you can see the clicks and keystrokes made in the bottom-left of the video. 


The Catalogue

Poetry & writing

A - I

Anita Stevens (poetry, writing)

Ayisha (poetry, writing)

Barbara Gray (poetry, writing)

Barbara Morrison (poetry, writing)

Bea Ferneyhaugh (poetry)

Bill Quinn (writing)

Bonnie E Stevens (poetry, writing)

Bud Osborn (poetry)

Carl MacDonald (poetry, writing)

Charles Fortin (poetry)

Colleen Carroll (poetry, writing)

Dan Feeney (poetry, writing)

Daniel Rajala (poetry)

Dean Ko (poetry, writing)

Delanye (Azriel) (poetry, writing)

Diane Wood (poetry, writing)

Etienne Szekely (writing)

Garry Gust (poetry, writing)

Henry George (poetry, writing)

Irene Schmidt (poetry, writing)

Jean Swanson (writing)

Jeff Sommers (writing)

Joe Paul (poetry, writing)

John Alan Douglas (poetry)


DE Duck (writing)

Doubledrum Mike (writing)

Dreamweaver (writing)

Freedome (poetry)

Fuckhead Jones (poetry, writing)

Katphysh Berdawg (writing)

Mr McBinner (poetry, writing)

Old Fart (poetry)

Old-timer (poetry)

Sam Slanders (writing)

Skid Row John (aka Garry Gust) (poetry, writing)

Skippy the tie-dyed Mascot (writing)

Skookum Jim (writing)

Trashhopper (poetry, writing)

Woodrow O'Loosejaw (aka Garry Gust) (writing)


K - Z

Kevin Annett (poetry, writing)

Libby Davies (writing)

Lisa David (poetry, writing)

Margaret Prevost (poetry, writing)

Marie Lands (poetry, writing)

Mark Oakley (poetry, writing)

Marlene Wuttunee (writing)

Muggs Sigurgeirson (writing)

PaulR Taylor (poetry, writing)

Priscillia Tait (poetry, writing)

Richard Loewen (Al) (poetry, writing)

Robyn Livingstone (poetry, writing)

Rolf Auer (poetry, writing)

Sam Roddan (poetry, writing)

Sandy Cameron (poetry, writing)

Shawn Millar (poetry, writing)

Sheila Baxter (poetry, writing)

Stephen Belkin (poetry, writing)

Tora (poetry, writing)

Wilhelmina (Miles (Harriman)) (poetry, writing)

William Arnold Coombes (poetry)



Charles (Silverfox)

Gallery | Catalogue

Diane Wood

Gallery | Catalogue

Garnet Tobacco

Gallery | Catalogue

Garry Gust

Gallery | Catalogue

Jim Dewar

Gallery | Catalogue


Gallery | Catalogue

Richard Tetrault

Gallery | Catalogue

Sam Roddan

Gallery | Catalogue


Gallery | Catalogue

Master catalogue (all artwork)

Master catalogue


Access to entire   PDF archive

Almost every issue of the Carnegie Newsletter is available for download here. This is made possible in part by CHODARR who helped digitize a substantial portion of the Newsletter, and by the editor who digitizes every new issue.